It came out this week Andy Walker is banned from Ibrox, shortly thereafter SunSport reported the Sky Sports man was also banned from Celtic Park.

Walker was absent during the game at the weekend where he would usually be in the booth with Andy Walker for the Glasgow Derby.

The report claims the Ibrox club have banned him because he spoke ill of their finances and he’s not allowed inside Celtic Park after his attack on Neil Lennon and the club after Dubai.

Cards on the table — as much as we’re not a fan of Walker’s commentary or opinions on his former club — banning him is as petty as it gets.

SunSport also report the former Hoops player is considering legal action against the club to get back in to do his job next season.

It’s all getting a bit silly.

If Celtic have indeed put a ban on Walker — they should lift it immediately. This is not becoming of any Celtic board. Considering it would appear they’ve chosen the botched Dubai debacle as their bill to die on, I just don’t see how we can justify any ban.


  1. There is no way that this anti-celtic, embittered, nomark mouthpiece should have been allowed into celtic park in the first place. Glad to hear that he has eventually received his comeuppance. Good riddance.


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