Celtic take in Livingston in a matter of hours but the question of the day was would the game go ahead due to the adverse weather conditions.

There has been heavy snowfall in Lothian and the Livi pitch this morning was covered in snow leading many to believe the game might succumb to the weather.

The home side have been working throughout the day to make sure the game goes ahead and the pitch is clear for the game now.

The game goes ahead, and Sky Sports commentator confirms all looks fine at the Tony Macaroni stadium.

Celtic are looking for their first win of 2022 after one loss and two draws. Most of the team is back after isolation and are looking to get back at it.

The league looks beyond Celtic but we must cut the large points deficit as much as we can and it starts tonight.


  1. All the Hoops futures begin tonight. COYBIG 🇨🇮 NLFA 🇨🇮 HWWFNIAR 🇨🇮 YTDP 🇨🇮 MOLLY🍀

  2. Yea. ⚽ 🇨🇮 ⚽ 🇨🇮 ⚽ 🇨🇮


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