Jim White has gone on an astonishing rant about the state of his favourite Glasgow club after they capitulated at Rugby Park.

The TalkSport presenter and Sky Sports presenter was in no mood during his morning radio broadcast as he bemoaned Steven Gerrard and the Ibrox clubs mentality.

White questioned Gerrard’s ability to get a league title over the line, claimed Neil Lennon has his number and said Celtic will continue to dominate with their current mentality.

The bhoys beat Hearts 5-0 on the night, maintaining their unbeaten run in 2020.

Celtic were beaten by Gerrard’s men on the final game of 2019

“This will remain the default position from now on.” Jim White exclaimed on TalkSport as cited by the Daily Record.

“For almost a decade now, second best for Rangers.

“At what point does it become impossible, not just for a group of players, but a club to overcome that mental block that Rangers seem to have?

“Nobody can deny the good work Steven Gerrard has done, but questions will always remain as a player, he couldn’t get over the line in England.

“Has he got the ability or the mentality to achieve it at Rangers?

“They may have been on a different level as players, but the difference Neil Lennon has over Steven Gerrard is his winning mentality in Scotland and the know-how to get over the line when it comes to winning titles.

“The question is how is that going to change, when is it going to change and is it ever going to change?

“At the moment, I can’t see it changing, it’s as simple as that. Celtic can go on winning thing as long as they want.”

Jim knows the score and through all the bravado the Ibrox club and their fans give it, Celtic just get on with it.

We lost the game of the year in 2018 too and then they signed Jermaine Defoe and exclaimed they were going to win the league.

They have spent a lot of money to try and keep up with Celtic are failing to do so.

Jim Whites rant is the sobering reality for many Gers fans this evening.


  1. Jim White,has said this in hope he can get in the heads of there players and put fight in there bellies,but we know there is a long road ahead so we take each game one at a time it is ours as it stands but still plenty of work to do so lets make it 9 and set our self up for a shot at the new record 10..

    Do it

  2. Whitey should be praising the Mighty Celtic and their desire to win every game. Neil Lennon has the team purring like a Bentley, whilst Slippy is trying to bump start a moggy Minor. Pile it on Celtic, Aberdeen to come.
    McInnes will have had the call from Ipox to do his best to derail Celtic to help out the ipox duds. HH

  3. Congratulations on another fantastic performance.

    Just remember the key is not the will to win, everybody has this. It is the will to prepare to win that is important.

    Thanks to the fantastic management team.


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