CHARLIE NICHOLAS knows where his bread is buttered and for longer than I care to remember I’ve seen this man as someone who is paid to disparage Celtic while paying very little attention to what’s going on in Scotland.

As someone approaching my thirties, I don’t have fond memories of Charlie banging in goals for Celtic nor do I have any affection for the player even when I watch old footage of him in action. It’s simple for me really, when the club is an easy target and going through a rough spell then you will expect former players to point out negatives and perhaps call out the manager. However, it’s a different ball game when you consider Nicholas has written and said more negative things about Celtic in the last seven years and especially the last two and a half when there has been unprecedented success! If it’s not harassing the club because of the perceived lack of competition, it’s slamming us for not burying that same competition earlier in the season and if all else fails then link the manager with a move away.

That’s exactly what fun time Charlie is on about today as he talks about Celtic like he’s somehow qualified to do so.

In his latest diatribe, the former Celtic star used the lack of permanent deals to suggest Brendan Rodgers is looking for a way out. I’m confident this is at least the third time Nicholas has come out and suggested Brendan head back down the road to the Premier League.

In his Daily star column, the pundit accuses Rodgers of masking his summer departure in the way the club is going about this window.

“There is uncertainty over team selection and you don’t know who is coming or going.

“It appears Brendan has very little influence on the deals. He looks to be accepting what is being put to him.

“Is he camouflaging the fact that he won’t be at Celtic this summer?”

Nothing in football is certain, and I try not to get on at any one individual for simply adopting a negative view on something at the club. I have been on the receiving end of abuse for criticising certain aspects of a game or a player – I understand there’s an element who won’t consider anyone’s opinion to be valid if it’s not positive about Celtic, BUT Nicholas goes out his way to find the negative.

He reads SPFL cliff notes and then gives a complete rundown of what’s going on to an audience down south.

Brendan Rodgers will, at some point, leave Celtic and just like a broken watch is correct twice a day, Nicholas will give us the old ‘I told you so’ when it happens.

The man continually champions English football while bringing our game down. He is a symptom of what Sky Sports do best, and it’s a shame we are stuck with his kind of punditry going forward.



  1. Forget about that TADGER he isn’t worth the fresh air,let’s face it,ex-players are lining up for these jobs;let them talk shite,deep down they know that’s exactly what it is.


    Anyway you’ll make yourself ill wasting time hating these ignorant twats.FEA.

  2. Another old fucking has-been that hides behind all the other has-beens on soccer Saturday and have no interest or knowledge at all about Scottish football you can see the horror in their faces if they have to talk about it and then probably get it wrong about some team,and Nicholas writing for the daily Star says it all a fucking arse wipe of a paper, he’s a top quality bawbag

  3. Charlie Nick is a deluded fool, as evidenced just by looking at him – an earring at that age? FFS man, realise you aren’t the young “Champagne Charlie” any more…mair like “Werther’s Original Chuck” these days.

    A soup-taking plamf of the worst kind.

  4. By his reckoning Arsenal (Charlie’s real love) manager looking for a way out too, as he said he’s only looking at loan players

  5. Charlie Nicolas is no danger to Celtic. The danger to Celtic is the greed in the boardroom which sees us fail to invest in the team and will inevitably lead to the manager leaving. Anyone who points out their failings is uinevitably attacked for daring to speak the truth.

  6. Nobody is “stuck with this kind of pundetdy”.. Don’t subscribe to sky… “simples”.. Many years ago I got fed up wi sky sports “lack of”. Scottish football. Sky sports was the first to go.. Less than a Yr later the rest went as well. I’ve never missed it.


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