Sky Sports presenter Hayley McQueen has defended herself on social media in the aftermath of the quite staggering end to the coverage of Livingston against The Rangers.

We reported this morning that fans were left bewildered after Livingston’s win when McQueen alongside Kris Boyd and Kris Commons started discussing the innuendo and conjecture around Celtic this week instead of discussing the Ibrox club’s failings on the day or even discuss the fact a linesman was attacked by a missile.

Hayley is on Twitter and has felt compelled to tweet back after a barrage of miffed Celtic fans asked why she had taken the ridiculous route after the game.

Instead of defending her position Hayley passed it off as an ‘Editorial decision’ and washed her hands of any of the blame.

Celtic fans who had tuned in to watch the football were mystified as to why their club was being discussed and not only discussed but the indulgement of gossip and rumours instead of dealing with the match at hand.

The editorial decision must have been taken before the result was finalised.

The story of the day was Livingston’s fantastic start to the Premiership season and the ineffectual Ibrox club’s hype train making another stop on their journey to nowhere.

Maybe Hayley will question the Editorial team the next time this comes up.


  1. Shock horror jings crivens help ma boab……!!!!!!!

    NO CELTICFC🍀 djould be surprised at this ‘editorial decision’ SKY,BBC N ITV are aw slanted in the tribute acts view.IT’S NOT NEWS

  2. So then what she is trying to say is that if SEVCO FC had won the game we were not going to get the usual over hyped p1sh about how wonderful SEVCO are. WE ARE CELTIC not SEVCO yous can’t fool us the way SEVCO fans are fooled on a daily (minute,second) basis so better to keep quiet than trying to justify yourselves HH

  3. So Hayley McQueen doesn’t support ‘the rangers’….that’s about as believable as prince william being an Aston Villa fan.

  4. To be fair to her,the Sky Sports team were expecting “therangers” to pick up the points and stretch the GAP in the table between them and us,then revel in the pre scripted Celtic crisis talks.Livingstone then through a spanner in the works,leaving the SS backround team struck dumb.They could have,but did not go over
    “therangers” football failings on the day or the conduct of some of the players post match or another disgraceful act of violence by the peepul,after the linesman was hit by a coin,the decisions as to what the anchor,in this case Hayley McQueen are relayed to her by a director behind the scenes,and would be mostly taken out of her hands to be honest.Kris Boyd is a deluded,zombie clown,end of,with Kris Commons fast becoming another coin grabbing sevconian propoganda puppet.

  5. Not sure why any Celtic fans would be watching Livingston games, and why Would they give a shit about what pish Sky pundits blurt out after games .

  6. Noo her colleagues are backing her up!!!!

    FFS EH??? We never expected ANYTHING ELSE.

    Personally speaking I’d do without sports IF it was only ‘Sly’ sports that had access.

    NEVER WATCH A SEVCO GAME ON TV THAT BOOSTS THEIR VIEWERS RATINGS,ALWAYS WATCH that lot on a streaming service,that’ll keep their true figures down.


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