SKY SPORTS have pulled their Moussa Dembele story after trying to unsettle Celtic fans Christmas this morning.

The major broadcaster and their reporters took to Twitter to report an £18million bid from Brighton had been accepted by Celtic. In reality, no such bid had been accepted and it was quickly dismissed as nonsense by Celtic.

Now if you click the link to Sky Sports article the page doesn’t exist.

It seems Celtic fans don’t get a day off from this constant attempt to unsettle players – not even at a Christmas!

Moussa Dembele is likely to move on at some point but if it won’t be to Brighton for such a low amount.




  1. Dirty Disgraceful HunMedia trying there Luck to Unsettle Our HunSkelper before the Rancid Sevcolona face the Scottish Champions at Paradise…They Wish Dembele was for getting Sold on the Cheap £18 Million,Im certain he is Worth Double That,Actually Moussa is Worth more than the Whole Sevconian Team put together 3 Times Over.hohohohoho Long May they Suffer,Long Will They Endure,We Enjoy Your Pain!!!!!!HH GLASGOW IS GREEN n WHITE

  2. Filthy lies spread by gutter churnalists desperate to defer attention away from the death throes of Sevco’s pending liquidation.


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