Celtic are heading into their ten in a row season this week – having spent the last four years being told their rivals from across the city are going to stop them.

You think the cheerleaders down in Govan would give it a rest and just see how things pan out. But there’s no stopping Kris Boyd who actually writes the phrase ‘This is Rangers year’ like it’s straight of an advertising campaign for season tickets since they were promoted to the top flight.

It’s nauseating to hear the sycophants continually talk down a team who has won 11 trophies in a row and nine league titles on the bounce while talking up a club who have done the opposite!

Boyd continues to be a cheerleader instead of a serious pundit who cannot give Celtic credit under any circumstances. It’s indicative of our media that he’s given a platform to talk nonsense.

He says Celtic are much weaker and cites this because we didn’t keep a hold of Craig Gordon, a man who played six times for the club last season.

‘I just look at the Celtic side and don’t think it’s as strong as it was.’ Boyd wrote in SunSport.

‘The decision to let Craig Gordon go baffled me at the time and still does.

‘This new signing, Vasilis Barkas, looks decent, but it’s still a gamble bringing in a goalkeeper who has never played in Scottish football.’

This guy needs to take a day off.


  1. Ok Kris cheers for your insight. Greek football is more passionate than Scotland. Check out Ring of fire PAOK on you tube ya dafftie it’s insane.
    The new Goalie will breeze it easy

  2. Come on let’s face it are we really going to listen to this mutant who continually talks a pile a shite week in week out.Its the very fact that these knuckle draggers just can’t admit the fact that the famous Glasgow CELTIC are the best team to have graced these shores since records began over 130 yrs ago.HH10IAR🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

  3. Boyd is a hard listen , no doubt. But losing both first and second choice keepers was poor planning,whatever way it happened. The new keeper is an unknown quantity to us if we are honest. We also need a centre half, and imo a left full. at this very moment it could be argued we are weaker than last season,having lost 4 members of the first team squad

  4. Man gets worst every season thought Derek Johnston was bad you got a laugh with Derek couldnt take him serious after sutton blew him out the water let sutton loose on boyd sky sports hope big John has a word of Camara bet he was not to pleased commons gave him an easy time big John wont

  5. I made a complaint to Sky about Boydechenko last season,regarding an incident in a LivingstonvCeltic game where he refused to make a comment.
    I complained to Sky,got a reply,the usual take note…….
    The guy is very very anti Celtic,and does not hide it,which is very poor,punter journalist he is not.


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