KRIS BOYD is now paid to give his opinions on Celtic – it’s a frightening concept.

When you see him on Sky Sports he rarely gives a pundit’s opinion but more a Gers supporter who has got on the telly. He knows who’s watching him and he plays up to it most certainly.

Speaking about Celtic’s star striker Odsonee Edouard – he gave the striker a big compliment by suggesting he is a player who could break Celtic’s transfer record again.

Of course it was a backhanded compliment mixed in with some wishful thinking.

“Talk about playing with France, is it a possibility? Yes. Do I think he’ll do it with Celtic? No.” Boyd told SunSport.

“That’ll be in the back of his mind, he’ll need to make that move if he’s going to get in the French squad.

“I don’t think it’ll be January, but come next summer, if there’s something of £25-30million, which is reasonable for me, I think this guy will go to the very top.

“If I was Manchester United, I would come in and give the £25-30million in the summer”

Edouard has been Celtic’s main man for the past 18 months. Since Moussa Dembele left the Frenchman has come to the forefront and been a real driving force – especially in the big games.

Nobody wants to see Eddy leave anytime son but we understand the game. This is one of the times when I’d agree with Kris Boyd, in that Eddy is certainly good enough to go play for Manchester Utd straight from Celtic. But the question is – would Eddy make that step down?


  1. Kris Boyd lololololol like Anything he states Regarding Celtic and Our Players is to be taken seriously…..
    If Morelos is valued at 25 to 30 Million then Edouard must be Valued at Atleast 45 to 50 Million.Boyd the Same Delusional Eejittery who suggested Sir Minty Murray should invest in Sevco.The Ungrateful Dead😂😂

  2. And the rest ya zombie were not talking bout Alfredo here pal eduard’s special man and I’m not just saying that because he’s a Tim I’m talking on pure footballing ability he’s only 21 still learning still maturing he’s going to be a top top top player like Messi ronaldo dare I say but maybe even better now that’s only because he’s a Tim but seriously we should have this conversation in 10-15 years time and I bet we’re talking about him being one of the best players ever 💯💯💯 hail hail


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