It’s many Celtic fans knee jerk reaction to slate Kris Commons when he has a negative take on a Celtic story. The former Celtic midfielder has been in the media a lot since his retirement slating his old club.

Does he have a point with his latest Leigh Griffiths rant?

Commons hammers Leigh for not staying fit during lockdown which has meant he will head to Lennoxtown to get up to speed rather than join his teammates in France.

Leigh has struggled with fitness over the past year and was getting back to his best before the shutdown. The player can struggle with his mental health and during lockdown, a lot of people have found their symptoms more acute when it comes to their mental wellbeing.

Leigh has not kept up to speed and he now must show he is serious about getting back to full fitness as quickly as possible.

The way Kris goes on in his column, it appears he has no qualms sticking the boot into his former teammate:

“Clearly, Lennon feels Griffiths was over-indulging during lockdown.” Commons wrote in his column as cited by SunSport.

“Listen, I dare say we can all relate to that. We’ve all put on a couple of pounds.

“That’s fine for your average man in the street, but not for a Celtic striker entering one of the biggest seasons in the club’s history.

“The accusation from Lennon is that there has obviously been a lack of professionalism on Griffiths’ part if he’s returned for duty out of shape.

“Knowing Griffiths as I do, I can tell you right now he won’t have been tuning in to the Joe Wicks videos every morning.

“He’s always been very laid back when it comes to training. He’s not a Callum McGregor-type figure, who is first in the building every morning and the last to leave.

“Griffiths is a maverick. But the reality is that he’s playing a very dangerous game because he’s now needlessly thrown his future at the club into doubt.

“Given the enormity of the season ahead and the chance to clinch the Holy Grail of ten in a row, it feels like he is blowing the opportunity of a lifetime.

“Celtic fans would give their right arm to be in his shoes; to be the man who scores the goals to lead the club to such a legendary achievement.

“If Griffiths has indeed returned to training badly out of shape, then that won’t sit well with supporters. It just won’t wash.

“The club have backed him through thick and thin over these past few years. But it feels at times like he’s his own worst enemy.”


  1. What is it with Celtic a and Neil Lennon and fitness this should have been kept in house I remember when Neil Lennon was exposed. As a tellytubby depression worked for him as for Leigh

  2. As was commons once called a tellytubby and Boyd also so back griffiths as he will not be alone in failliing Celtic. As I would be looking. In the heated driveway for a biscuit tin


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