Sky Sports co-commentator and former Celtic player Andy Walker has made the claim Odsonne Edouard does not care about ten in a row but Neil Lennon shouldn’t take it personally.

The pundit explained the striker has been off it for a number of weeks, and even with testing positive for the virus, he’s not shown the determination and commitment you would expect from a team chasing history.

This is an accusation levied at the Frenchman at least once every few weeks if he doesn’t score or has a couple of bad games, then he isn’t interested.

Even when he is scoring, he’s had some complain he doesn’t look happy enough in his celebrations; it’s lazy accusations and unfounded.

Walker believes ten in a row means a lot to the Celtic support and some in the squad but some players are happily treating it like another season and there’s a certain amount of sulking after not getting a move.

“He hasn’t been at it for a good number of weeks.” Walker told SunSport.

“I think the biggest problem is Odsonne Edouard. He is Celtic’s talisman.

“I think he didn’t get the move he was looking for in the summer and that’s why he has been off it.

“I know that he has had his Covid issues, but this ten-in-a-row obsession, some players are not interested in ten-in-a-row.

“As a manager, Neil Lennon can’t really take it as a personal insult that players don’t care as much about that as you do.

“You have to try and find a way of getting them on side, and I think that’s going to be a problem in the weeks and months to come; to get Odsonne Edouard back on side, to get Olivier Ntcham back on side, and let them give everything they can for Celtic while they are here.

“They don’t care about ten-in-a-row, they just want to play in a winning team and their culture is to get a move to a bigger league and play for more money.

“Until then, the manager has to try and get as much as he can out of them.”

There’s a long way to go this season and Edouard will have his say before it’s all said and done.


  1. Hasn’t had enough game time to be criticised so that needs to change! Sorry but I disagree with the praise Scott Brown received for his performance, didn’t put a foot wrong,makes a lot of mistakes and a couple of times yesterday put us on the back foot. Tries to be too clever and some times thinks he’s Beckenbaur, which he ain’t.HAIL HAIL🍀.

  2. Andy Walker doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He believes people think he knows what he blurbs. Why is it people like Walker, Commons, ex celts blubber on about Celtic? Are they in the pay of the ragers? Get a grip Walker you, like Commons, just open your mouth and say anything against the Celtic.
    Why not show up Motherwell boss Robinson for the bonehead he is. His after player crippled Frimpong. BBC’s Steven Thompson stated Robinson was standing up for his player. No he wasn’t, he was lying. If a Celt had committed the offence, Robinson would have been apoplectic with rage.
    As to Dallas, he’s only doing the job to help daddy get his revenge for being caught as a sectarian bigot. We know your game Dallas, classless OB’s the lot of them.

  3. Sure looks like the team are not together much work needed to be done some players look like they are not happy playing in those positions, our defensive players are not on same wavelength there are way to many missed placed paces.
    Sort it out now and get on high energy drinks but most of all play for each other and move forward as one and make big history together…


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