As the transfer clock ticks down all Celtic fans are hoping for two things, that there are no more first-team players leaving the club and that at least two more players can be brought in for the season. 

All clubs around the globe are affected by COVID-19 and the 4 Billion in revenue that UEFA is predicting in losses around the world hits all clubs regardless of size. Those kind of numbers are scary for everyone involved in football and Andy Walker believes that these times may see Celtic’s hand been forced to sell players and more notably their prized asset.   

“There are extraordinary times. If Celtic are to sell Edouard, I think there’s a reason for it…you just think of the amount of money that is being burnt, with very little coming. I wouldn’t blame any club, for selling any player, and that would include Edouard for Celtic” Walker told the Sky Sports Scottish Podcast.

Most Celtic fans will admit that Edouard was always likely to go for big money at some point but can clubs afford to offer big money in these times? Arsenal were rumoured to of made two offers for the French man, £15M & then £22M both if which were reportedly rejected. If the reports are true then it shows the Gunners chancing their arm and testing just how much trouble the balance sheet is at Celtic Park. 

Considering the Hoops sold them a left-back this time last year for £25m then there offers are an insult if true. All Celtic fans want French Eddy here for the ten in a row season but could the suits reject an offer for 25M in current circumstances? 


  1. Andy Walker bows to his free mason masters, and is a midden!.. He stirs it up, just to appease those middens he works for!! Nicholas and him have a lot in common, and also add to those two, Kris Commons, and Davy Provan!! These morons forget who made them!! Who gave them a platform, and by the way they talk, you would think they were world beaters!! Fannies no more, no less!!


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