ANDY WALKER hit out on live TV after a plastic bottle was thrown at Celtic star Jota after his late winner in the tie between Aberdeen and the Hoops.

Jota found a fantastic pass from Adam Montgomery and slotted the ball home for a much needed win on the road.

While Celtic were celebrating, a bottle was thrown at the player and in the aftermath, you could also see a vape pen on the floor – thankfully no damage was done.

Cited by SunSport, Walker was enraged at the incident:

“We talk about fan behaviour.

“Look at this celebration from the Celtic players and you get that object there from that young individual, what age is he?

“And he is throwing a plastic bottle to these players. Absolutely outrageous.”

It’s something we don’t want to see but again, there’s been very few punishments over the years for this sort of fan behaviour. At Ibrox Scott Brown was confronted by a pitch invader while Leigh Griffiths had a large battery thrown at him and nothing was done by our governing body.

Clubs don’t want to be accountable for their fans – that much is clear.


  1. He slaughtered Celtic before the match. Must have been looking forward to having a go at more dropped points. So has to focus his outrage at something else. Always got to be making a story out of something but he would have kept his stupid mouth shut if it happened at Ibrox. That’s right he did say nothing when it happened at Ibrox on more than one occasion. Knows who pays his wages and who he needs to pander to. I see the Daily Ranger is in over drive today trying to claim that the Hibee was rightly sent off. The more crappy articles from ‘ex-Celtic’ stars or ‘ex-refs’ used after the rangers get a nother get out of jail freebie the more you can tell the original decision was a stinker.

  2. Surely all the clubs will get together and put in complains about these so called corrupt officials thats 3 weeks in a row sevco have had honest mistakes so celtic should start with bobby scum madden who was a season ticket holder before his corrupt ref job peter lawwell our who ever it is opens their mouth and hopefully hibs follow after celtic dont forget the officials gave sevco pen and pen last season so they can stop 10inarow they done it and nothing was said buy our cowards on the board but theirs 40 millon going to the league winners this season and with sevco struggling for money you can bet your money on the corrupt officials making sure it goes sevco way so come on fans and clubs dont stand for this cheating because ranjurs got away with not paying the debts of 165 million and the corrupt sfa doncaster said its still the same club scottish football is corrupt to the core for one club only and its sevco scotland im surprised the celtic fans didnt start a boycott of cup games either so wake up before scottish football dies not just the biggest cheats in scottish football ranjurs 1872 liquidated 2012 dead forever.RIP SCUM


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