When you navigate past the murky waters of the Scottish football media who will have you believe Scott Brown was the villain of the day on Sunday, it’s refreshing to see people removed from the odious cesspit where some of our ‘award winning’ writers work to actually praise Scott Brown for his Derby display.

Sky Sports ‘Ref Watch’ analysed the big flashpoints yesterday as Celtic beat The Rangers 2-1 in front of a sold out Celtic Park.

While we hear bitching, moaning and yes, a little bit of crying over big bad Scott Brown, it was clear to Dermott Gallagher and Mario Melchiot that Brown had played a blinder and his experience and calmness not to react got under the skin of his opponents.

Morelos lashed out at Brown after the Celtic captain gave him the lightest of brushes on his heels, little did Brown know the reaction it would garner from the unhinged striker. Red card and he was off.

Kent then loses the rag with Brown on the centre circle and pushes him in the face with Brown going to ground, another flashpoint which should’ve been red for the Liverpool loan star.

Then drawing Andy Halliday in at the end of the game when the Ibrox player was enraged with the result.

It was not a good day for the Ibrox side who would have been told before the match not to let Brown wind them up.


  1. Broony plays a blinder and those with the intelligence of a gnat lost their cool. What upset them was that he did not react to any of their pathetic and intended malicious actions. He did not react as they wished, but they did. He stood head and shoulders above them, as did the rest of the Celtic team. Celtic players will not be bullied by thugs, but they will not react foolishly either.

  2. Broony was the boss on the pitch he did it how top players do it he plays hard and winds them up he keeps his cool as others fall apart,Celtic where in total control of the game they could have been up 2 or 3 nil at half time they had to up there game to get back into it they took there chance but after that there was only one winner as Celtic went for it Celtic playing like that can beat them home or away there is nothing to fear from that rangers team SG may think he has made them better may be better than the other 10 time will tell us that and he may get second but they are years away from trying to beating Celtic


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