A Sky Sports reporter has claimed the Arsenal bid for Kieran Tierney was only £18m up front with £7m of staggered payments and potential add ons.

If this is true, it’s completely embarrassing for a Premier League club, especially when Neil Lennon confirmed the club have told Arsenal their price.

The penny pinching Europa League side are trying to bag themselves a bargain just because the player they know is quality plays in the Scottish Premier League.

After Andy Robertson becoming a household name and Virgil van Dijk coming through from the Scottish League to be the most expensive defender in football to this point, Celtic do not want to sell their player for a relatively low amount.

The Premier League made this market what it is and if they badly want the player they must pull out the stops and pretend Tierney has had an above average season at Crystal Palace.

When a £15m bid comes in from Oli McBurnie and is rejected down south, it only proves Celtic are doing the right thing.


  1. Yes embarrassing for a Premier League club to come up short when they get around cool £100 MILLION for winning nothing and all that before a ball is kicked, some thing is so wrong with football in the UK and world two of biggest clubs through fan base in uk and world have to make do with £3 to 4 million Scottish football need a better deal from tv and all media outlets..and get there hands on some of crazy money being pumped in to football….
    Come up with asking price or piss off…


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