SKY SPORTS is regularly criticised for their below par production of Scottish football – whether it be in the SPFL or internationally.

The broadcaster didn’t even bother to get in a presenter for Scotland’s friendly this week against Austria and it led to some disgruntlement.

A few people in the media, out with Sky Sports criticised the move. New Sky Sports digital journalist tried to defender her new employers as best she could.

However, and I never thought I’d be writing this, it’s Ewan Cameron of all people who has hit the nail on the head when it comes to how Sky Sports treats our game.

Sky care about the derbies they get to show, that’s about it. Sub standard punditry and peculiar narratives after matches plague the broadcaster.

The criticism has got much worse since BT Sport had a run at Scottish football and showed us what professional and well put together productions look like.

The SPFL have no confidence in themselves to go it alone. We’re in a digital age where online subscription is a huge base to grow any live product. However, we’re feeding off the scraps from a broadcaster who treats us very poorly.


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