Former Celtic star Shaun Maloney was on the Sky Sports panel on Sunday to take in the game between Celtic and Dundee Utd.

Shaun spends his time working alongside Roberto Martinez nowadays and coaching some of the best players in the world at Belgium. Since leaving a coaching role at the hoops, the former academy graduate has excelled.

Getting Shaun’s expert insight into the game was a breath of fresh air. We have been stuck with some very below par pundits for the longest time. Kris Boyd being the biggest waste of space – the guy plays a pantomime villain – has zero tactical awareness – stuttering and getting louder when he tries to get his points across.

Shaun was articulate, tactical focused and spoke very well through the entire broadcast.

Celtic fans would love to see more of Shaun on the Sky Sports panel.

Over and above that – many Celtic fans would love to see him in a backroom staff role at Celtic.

Celtic ran out 3-0 winners on the day against the home side who looked shellshocked after Tom Rogic’s incredible opener.


  1. Let’s start a chant “Dump the wallie Boyd”. Total nonce, waste of space and a total @rsehole every time he opens his gob. Dead from the neck up!!!
    This sums up Boyd – Fake Teeth – Fake Hair – Fake Tan – Fake human being.

  2. More fools those paying for Sky Sports who pretty much spit in your face every time Celtic play by employing the half wit Boyd to run ‘analysis’ while emptying your wallet.

    People are dumb, the last 18 months have taught us that


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