Some people don’t take a day off.

Sky Sports wished everyone a Merry Christmas on their social media feeds and they’ve managed to trigger Ibrox fans on a day of love and peace.

In what was a fairly innocuous post that pictured some of the biggest stars from the sports they carry, the Ibrox fans were not impressed when they saw Kyogo on the graphic with Pep Guardiola and Cristiano Ronaldo – not Ibrox player appears on the graphic.

This has been enough for some to stop their Christmas celebrations to make comment on the Sky Sports oversight.

Kyogo is the star of Scottish football right now — there’s not getting away from it.

Ibrox fans have been doing their best to discredit and play down the lad’s abilities but he’s already bagged as many major trophies as the Ibrox club since 2012 and he’s only been here six months.

The bhoys in green had to put up with the Sky Sports love in for Steven Gerrard even though he won very little in his time at Ibrox boss — it appears they can’t handle Kyogo getting some attention.


  1. Everyone, anyone, even players who played for Celtic and moved to France. Went to re-sign for Celtic and they pinched him from Celtics grasp.

    Even got back Who Killed ‘the rangers wages’ Kenny miller (even tough he scored more European goals for Celtic).

    Even though he kissed the crest, yea anyhun indeid.

    Aye, those liquidated, pauper, zombie,, cun7s. Yes I often wonder how that happened??

  2. The I roles scum just hate it when Celtic get plaudits from anyone. They are a very sick club, and as far as sporting anything??. MIDDENS!!. Intergity is not in their vocabulary,and As for the man(?) who said it, just a thug and part of the shame of Scotland.!!!


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