CHRIS SUTTON has used his platform on BT Sport this afternoon to take aim at The Rangers and their outrageous mishandling of their managerial appointment.

After much searching and a major knockback from Aberdeen Boss McInnes, The Rangers board, with no money or ideas left have turned to their youth coach for the rest of the season.

Chris Sutton believes the move smacks of desperation. It’s not like Chris to be so brutal!


  1. LoLoLoLoL Big Chris taking the Piss out of that 5 year old Comedy Act.I thought after Murtyinho taking the Reigns at The best Squad in Scotland the whole of the Premier wouldve been shaking in there Boots.It took them all of Two Months to get Murtyinho to sign till end of season.hahahahahohohohohohohahahahahohohohoho,Santa has Been Really Really Good to Every Bhoy n Ghirl this season,So Far.Get It Right Up the Lot of Them.HH GGAW YNWA TAL!!!!!!!

  2. Murty Will be hung out to dry,Its how Sevco and King in particular go about things.How they treat Management is testament to how Warburton seemingly Resigned and didnt even know.It took them weeks n weeks to pay Caixinha his severance payment.And they The Hunbelievables Wonder why McInnes gave the the Cold Shoulder.RainJurz Then,Sevco Now and Absolute Embarrassment Forever


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