There is a very slim chance Neil Lennon or Scott Brown will be short of words to motivate Celtic players tomorrow in Rome. If they do need any extra incentive they can take it from ex-Lazio midfielder Fabio Poli who has gone out of his way to insult the Celtic team.

Speaking with Lazio News 24 the retired footballer did not hold back.

“Lazio are so superior to Celtic. The Scots just run a lot. They play with such a relaxed attitude, they know they are poorer. Lazio must not give up. They have great strength and can do something beautiful”.

You would imagine someone who has been around the game for so long would never class Celtic as having a relaxed attitude to any opposition, let alone in a European fixture. He must not have watched the first game at Celtic Park if he thinks the Celtic style of play is relaxed.

There has been no love lost between the two clubs even though it is the first time the teams have met. Lazio fans angered the Celtic faithful with their fascist salutes and chants in Glasgow two weeks ago. Lazio fans are less than happy with Hoops fans after they displayed anti-fascist banners at Celtic Park.

This return leg now comes with a warning, travelling fans have been told to travel in numbers, not to drink and not to wear any colours.


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