Cedric Kipre jumped the shark tonight on social media as he retweeted an obsessed Ibrox fan who used his camera to film footage of his altercation with Scott Brown.

The Gers fan, who was watching the mighty Glasgow Celtic take a ten point lead over his own side today must have been left frothing at the mouth – so much so that he had to record and upload the footage that the Motherwell star has since retweeted.

The player who has been sent off twice against Celtic also posted an image of today’s game with the tagline ‘Unbelievable’.

Funny, we said the same thing when Kipre nearly shattered Moussa Dembele’s ankle.

Not even a booking for this Cup final lunge – that is unbelievable.

For what it’s worth, today, we thought the decision by the referee was harsh but as we’re told again and again – if you kick out at a player you run the risk of being sent off.

It was a frustrating day for Celtic as they failed to properly capitalise on a ten men Motherwell who closed ranks and did well to keep Celtic out. A point was a fair reflection on the game.


  1. you’re not allowed to kick an opponent, remember broonie/neymar and beckham for his flick in the world cup. as for walker fecking souptaker.

  2. It was an absolutely awful decision. Anyone who says otherwise ius a liar. he didn’t even seem to kick out at Brown. I thought that Brown made little of it. he seemed to start but then did not follow through. it was nowhere near the level of Brown and Beckham and both of them were harshly treated. If a Celtic player had been sent off for this Celtic supporters would have been going mental. If the motherwell player is sent off then so should Brown, you are not allowed to lay your hands on an opponent either. The truth is neither should even have been booked for this.

  3. See you have a lot to say about Celtic John, but don’t start calling people liars because we have a different opinion. As I said on one of your other posts you are pathetic. Now rev up and F–k off……

  4. Have to laugh at some football fans blaming broonie he never even claimed for a foul it was the ref that ran buy both players and seen the motherwell player have a fly kick at broonie so all these fans have a look at it he gave the ref a decision to make it was harse ok but it was his own fault 5 times he’s been sent off for the m.well never heard a thing when he done dembele ankle but usual because its broonie F.ing CLOWNS and obsessed huns as usual…hafuckingha


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