FORMER SPFL Chief Executive Roger Mitchell and self-admitted Celtic fan says he enjoys watching the new Rangers struggle but still thinks Celtic should move on from over systemic cheating within our game for over a decade.

The man who was Chief Executive between 1998 – 2002 went on a social media tirade at Celtic fans who want to keep fighting for retrospective justice within out game.

It’s incredible to see anyone, especially a Celtic fan tell people to move on from what transpired over a decade within Scottish Football. Cheating which current Scottish Football Manager Alex McLeish declared was pivotal to being able to challenge Celtic.

Some people might not have the stomach for a fight, but to openly slate anyone who wants to see justice within our game no matter what is pretty pathetic.

Here is what Roger Mitchell Wrote on Twitter:

“Since ‘Armageddon’ I’ve been relatively ambivalent about Rangers.

“Been openly a ‘move on’ guy, but still love to see them struggle, like today. So many bhoys are clearly obsessed by them. I mean obsessed.

“Their name, complex insolvency law, Res12, no Old Firm exists.

“Just concentrate on your own team and identity. Don’t define yourself in relation to others, especially when they are so far behind you.

“Take the moral high ground. Don’t drop back to a lower level. But no, every critical statement about Celtic needs a whitabootery defence.

“It’s so weak. If I criticize Celtic management over x, y, z, push back and say I’m wrong, ideally with rational debate.

“Don’t say they were worse. And don’t say I must be one of ‘them’. It’s pathetic honestly.”

Celtic fans still support their team and are loving everything Brendan Rodgers is achieving, there’s no doubt about it.

But we commend each and every person who refuses to ‘move on’ for the flimsy, patronising and self interested reasons given out by many who would love to just forget Scottish football was cheated for so long.


  1. I had to read his statememt twice to check I hadn’t missed anything. To be concerned with your own teams identity rather than that of others is a relatively fair statement, but misses the point completely about why most of us are not going to let this go. This isn’t “whataboutery” and it certainly isn’t “dropping back to a lower level”. There is no defence for what OldCo got up to. In any other top level sport in any media intensive country this would have been a rightfully and severely punished example of cheating the system. Only because this is in handshake West of Scotland are we told to move on and forget. Not a chance! Tax dodging state sponsored cheating of our top level league is to blame here, Mr Mitchell “Celtic Fan” and if you want to move on from that and forget, then either you have no place in the sport, or your hands are dirty too. Disgraceful.

  2. If this prick is a Tim,My Dads the Pope.I have never spoken to any fan of any Club that doesnt agree.Rangers in Liquidation need Stripped of Titles for the Good of Scottish Football.End Of..HfH TAL

  3. Christ we’ve had teams drummed out of cup competitions for minor errors on team sheets. The rules the rest of us are required to adhere to don’t seem to apply to this mob. Whitabootery my arse! Just blatant cheating, fraud and corruption on an industrial scale for over a decade.


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