CELTIC FANS aren’t known as a patient bunch, but this has to be a new record for writing off a player.

Jeremy Toljan did not have the best games for Celtic yesterday as the bhoys managed a late goal to ensure all three points were heading back to Celtic Park. There were many off the pace, but a lot of fan focus seemed to be on Toljan.

Jeremy is a guy who has not had a run of games until now this season; it’s also evident to see he’s never played on an artificial surface quite like the one currently installed at Celtic Park. With some of these variables working against the defender, it’s astonishing to see so many people write him off so early.

He has had a few good games followed by a dip in form under the circumstances he will not be at all used to.

Is he the answer to our right back problems? Who knows but he’s certainly not a flop after a bad outing at Kilmarnock like the post below suggest.


  1. Toljan? Bad game??? Think they were watching a different game, might be the same fans who thought it was a good idea to throw a coin and/or invade the pitch (can we really claim the moral high ground now…?)….last 15 minutes he ran out of legs, couldn’t do the tricks he had planned, but never hid, had an excellent game especially 1st half, interceptions and blocks, didn’t panic, self control, forward passing- he had it all but the pitch took its toll on him.
    Hayes, Ajer, Boyata, Brown all outstanding, McGregor, Christie, Forrest and Edouard all missing, Burke and Weah- game changers, Weah loves the hoops!

  2. Can someone tell James Forrest the season lasts more than 6 games. Toljan had no one in front of him Forrest doing everything he can to hide from getting a pass. Keep saying it in his game (not very often) a great player when running direct at full backs and defences but most weeks he’s a man short. Scored the goal at st j it was the first and only thing he done. If you had Weah or Johnstone who wants to show for the ball we might not have had to wait for so long for the first goal.

  3. Toljan had a bad second half. All players have an off day at some point. That pitch takes it’s toll on the best of players so l would hope the Celtic support would hold off in slagging his performance. Great 3 points. Don’t like the coin throwing but have to ask the question, if our support was at each end and Fatty was hit in front of the dugout, where did the coin come from . I think the Green Brigade do some good work especially with charities but please stop using those bloody smoke bombs and as far as destroying seats are concerned, well it just takes the shine off the win.

  4. Some of our fans must be watching different football, apart from cpl bad crosses and one time Jones beat him Toiljean along with rest of defence played well. May I also say that the fans around me who smashed seats should be banned for life as should the eejit who through the coin at boyd. Some of our younger supporters are fast becoming every bit as bad as sevco fans, embarrassing behaviour.


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