CELTIC FANS have been split over the new home kit since it was ‘leaked’ online by Footy Headlines a few weeks ago. Some people are passionately against the design with it breaking from the usual hoops to reveal a large white are at the top of the shirt with a green collar.

New Balance says the top is commemorating Celtic’s first ever top which was all white with a green collar. Scott Brown along with several players revealed the kit to Celtic fans on Wednesday night at the Glasgow Arches and since it has been officially unveiled some have changed their mind.

Having a second glance at it in the Celtic shop some fans believe the shirt actually looks better up close.

New Balance have found it hard to top the 50th anniversary Lisbon strip with most fans agreeing that particular hooped jersey with the gold trim was a winner.

As always there will be a lot of people who moan that end up getting the shirt.


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