BRENDAN RODGERS has told Celtic fans that some of the slackness that crept into their game in the double treble season won’t be happening next term under his watch.

The Celtic manager spoke of how great a season Celtic had with trophies but acknowledged that maybe not everyone was pulling their weight all the time.

The Irishman seems ready to weed out any underperformers in his side as he looks to negotiate through FOUR Champions League qualifiers before the season has properly started.

“We didn’t achieve all of our goals but certainly we achieved our main ones, in terms of qualification for the Champions League. That was a good focus for us at the start of the season.” the manager told the Celtic View.

“We had a fantastic season in terms of winning the trophies, but there’s no doubt the effects of last season meant there were some moments when we didn’t defend well enough or run hard enough; not every player, but some players.

“We didn’t press the game as well as we wanted. We were able to find a way to get through the games when it didn’t happen – but it won’t happen next year. We know we need to play at a greater intensity more often.”

Like any good manager, Brendan doesn’t mention any of the players he believes to be underperforming. The Irishman will quickly identify if they can up their game or some may fall by the wayside.


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