ABERDEEN only took 11,000 fans to Hampden on Sunday and embarrassingly had to hand briefs back to the SPFL with the Dons fans not backing their side to the fullest.

However, this hasn’t stopped Derek McInnes from putting it out there that his club should receive 50% of the allocation.

A ludicrous thing to ask for when you take into account Celtic selling over 30,000 briefs for Murrayfield in the other semi-final.

Speaking about it, McInnes realises his club’s argument has been weakened due to their semi-final allocation blunder but thinks the final is a whole different ball game.

Who knows? Obviously our argument is weakened based on a semi-final.

“But I think a cup final is there for people to enjoy. We’ve always brought plenty for a cup final.

“Our semi-final crowd has normally been what it was today, regardless of what was issued.”

If this were to go ahead as a 50/50 split, there would be at least 5,000 Celtic fans who attended the semi-final being locked out of Hampden while Aberdeen fans who didn’t bother to back their side getting to the game.



  1. Knew this was going to come out. If it’s a 50 50 split celtic fans will be raging and rightly so. Club needs to stand up to these scumbags. I payed good money for me and my boy to go to semi and deserve a ticket for final

  2. What is it with these clubs that demand a 50/50 split , I would give them then make them pay for every ticket not sold ,. Only in Scotland it’s a joke

  3. Hampden far too small to hold any final (apart from play off’s) Time the Sfa either expanded the Red,white and blue midded, to hold at least Seventy thousand seats and do away with the useless running track. And let the fans of any sport played there, a good veiw close to the field of play.


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