CHRIS DAVIES admitted he was ‘surprised’ after hearing Ibrox goalkeeper Allan McGregor would face no retrospective punishment for lashing out at Kristoffer Ajer.

The Norweigan was down on the ground when McGregor took a clear opportunity to lay the bott into the defender leaving him in a lot of pain at the time.

Davies is a huge proponent of the physical side of the game and would never like to see it diminish but admitted this wasn’t controlled aggression or the act of a sensible individual.

The Celtic assistant manager also said it was discussed at length by the bhoys after their 1-0 win at Celtic Park.

“You could see what the goalkeeper did – it was quite obvious,” Davies told the Express.

“I was surprised. It was discussed a lot afterwards. Everybody said quite clearly what they thought about the incident.

Generally, the aggression, physicality and intensity of the British game – and Scotland in particular – is one of its greatest assets. But this incident wasn’t natural aggression or competing in that way. This was something isolated and different to that.

Celtic were repeatedly goaded by a lacklustre Ibrox side with very little protection from the referee.

It was quite ironic how their manager Steven Gerrard blamed the referee for a perfectly legitimate goal taking place when Collum’s howlers enabled his side to stay in the game as long as they did.





  1. We all watched what McGregor had done, But the officials “Allegedly” Did not see the incident, But everybody else had seen it, Even his f’ckng own manager had seen it and said it was a blatant kick from his goalkeeper, Yet nothing has been to McGregor for violently kicking out at one of our players, You Have Got to applaud big Ajer for not reacting to that “Thug McGregor” Big Ajer had the last laugh as he and the rest of of our bhoys had shown them how to play the beautiful game “The Glasgow Celtic Way” By getting the 3 Points and beating those from the bigot-dome, Bigot-Dome’s Circus Trainer & Their Performing seals have now seriously set a precedence by Wanting to cut supporters to 800, I feel for the real football supporters from both sides of the divide, This is going to come and bite them on their backsides, The Bhoys have been to the bigot-dome without any of our supporters and we beat them, Those So Called Performing Seals, Trained By The (Lying Circus Trainer “King”) Have now caused even more animosity and anger with both sets of supporters, Let’s not dress this up, The fuse has already been lit and the bang is going to have severe consequences to both supporters and when (OR IF) This Explodes those supporters from both sides, Should get at that so called Newco’s Chairman and send him back home and feed him to the lions, He really is the scourge and a criminal to boot 《KING THE CRIMINAL》


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