Speaking after his aides disappointing defeat to Hibs this afternoon the Celtic manager gave the best answer possible to the rumours of an imminent move to Arsenal.

Cince Arsene Wenger’s announcement yesterday, the rumours of Rodgers departure have failed to subside with all media outlets desperate to link him away from Celtic.

The Irishman has continually denied the rumours and continually told the press his ambitions with Celtic but his latest statement leaves no room for manipulation.



  1. So much for the Engurleish stating Our Premier is Mickey Mouse.Yet they always come calling for our players and Touting our manager for the Gunners Hot Seat.Its nigh on time these Clowns realised Celtic are a lot bigger than most of the So called Big Teams doon Yonder.We can hold our own Against Any Teams.If we had half the Cash they have,We’d be a force to be reckoned with….Mon The HooPs HH


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