CELTIC are all set to take on Copenhagen on Thursday night as the bhoys look to get beyond the last 32 of the UEFA competition.

It’s a sell out crowd on the night and should be one to remember.

One thing supporters are going to have to adjust to is the introduction of VAR. We saw it work against us in the first leg when it rightly picked up a hand ball in the box from Ryan Christie to give Copenhagen a penalty. Luckily Fraser Forster was on form and stopped Copenhagen from taking a lead to Celtic Park.

Now the game is nearly upon us, it’s Celtic Park’s turn to experience VAR and it certainly will be an adjustment.

Knowing goals will be checked might take something away from the raw energy of the crowd when the ball hits the back of the net. However, if Copenhagen were to concede a penalty as a result of VAR then that would generate an almighty response from the crowd.

Stadium manager Rob Buchanan Tweeted this afternoon as the VAR TV gets set up.

Will it have a big say come 8pm on Thursday?


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