The headline is for my benefit as well yours.

Winning is a funny thing, you win so much, so often you can almost get numb to it on some level.

At the age of 28, I know Celtic and winning things hasn’t always been a foregone conclusion but even sometimes I can take it for granted nowadays.

It took a few people on twitter to sharply remind me of what’s going on at Celtic right now and how when the Rodgers Era is all said and done, we will look back at it as another golden era for the club.

Not being lucky enough to travel north for the game midweek where Celtic picked apart the second best team in the country, I have to admit, it took a second viewing of the game for me to really appreciated the football on show and the dominance of this Celtic side. When I watched the game live, with Celtic’s attack after attack then goal by Kieran Tierney I am kicking myself when I tell you my inner monologue was telling gave out a ‘yay’ rather than a ‘yaaaaas’ – Like Celtic’s goal and win was as inevitable as a Rangers* statement.

It was when I read some of the appreciative tweets from some of the older fans in our support about dismantling the dons that I went back and watched the full game and then and only then did I get a full appreciation of what had gone on here.

Celtic’s football was outstanding, they dictated the play, their movement was world class and a full-back chipped in with the opening goal. This was a reshuffled team that seen Leigh Griffiths, Scott Sinclair AND Patrick Roberts drop out of the starting XI – three players who have been instrumental in Rodgers success thus far and Celtic didn’t even skip a millisecond of a beat, it was absolutely remarkable.

It has refocused me as a Celtic fan to appreciate every win that comes our way. It has made me more excited for Celtic’s next game and it has me dreaming about where Rodgers can take this side.

My friend took a Celtic tour not long after the end of last season and he told me how the tour guide made a point of letting the younger fans on the tour know how incredible the season that had just gone was. The tour guide drilled it into the younger fans heads that what they were witnessing wasn’t just routine Celtic winning but other than the season we won the lot under Jock that our first one under Rodgers was up there.

We don’t take into account that fans as old as 16-17 now don’t really remember a Celtic team that wasn’t in the hunt for trophies on a regular basis. They grew up with Celtic being there or thereabouts and maybe even take it more for granted than I was starting to.

So what is my overall message after self-indulgent introspective?

Appreciate what you’re watching; that especially goes to the two guys sitting behind me at Celtic Park! If you have anything to overly moan about you’re living in cloud cookoo land.

Scottish Football needs a strong Celtic and that’s what they have.



  1. When a red hot Aberdeen fan such as Willie Miller comes out and praises Celtic the way he did,then you finally realise how good a side we have,even the subs bench was littered with good players who were desperate to join in in the humping of what was up to that point a side genuinely challenging for our title,personally feel a lot more positive going into the match with Bayern,play like that and we will get a result hopefully…..

  2. I remember Our Dark Days.Now we are on a Green n White Juggernaut,Long May It Continue.Without A Doubt,Celtic Are The Biggest n Best Supported Club in World Football.And that Fact is Justified.And Its A Grand Ole Time To Be A Tim.HH GGAW

  3. Yes, agree fully that some people are taking the winning streak too lightly.
    The fact that we are now witnessing a potential winning run which MAY equal Willie Maley’s 100 year old record is a once in a life time (or longer) experience.
    It should be respected, honoured and celebrated for what it is…..simply an awesome achievement and reflects such a huge effort on the part of everyone at the club we all love.
    We shall have off days when some may moan or complain (it’s in our Scottish nature I think) , but I for one will welcome and cheer every kick, throw, corner, tackle and goal that comes my way. Some will remember darker days when we were the butt of jokes and almost went down the financial rabbit hole and must thank wee bunnet head Fergus for bailing us out and setting the club on the path we now tread.
    To all associated with our Club…Hail, Hail and enjoy every moment……we may never see the like again.
    I shall be celebrating 58 Years soon and I will raise a glass to everyone and everything Celtic Football Club have achieved and stand for.


  4. How well I remember the dark days and nights of listening to the Ibrox baboons winning title after title and their braying like a herd of Jackass’s. Now we know how they financed it and their ultimate demise of being SHUT DOWN and their NEW CLUB dispatched to the nether regions of Scottish football .Did I cheer and shout at their demise YES I DID.
    Whatever “Rangers “ they call themselves now they are a NEW CLUB with NO SENIOR OR PREMIERSHIP TITLES. They have only what they managed to win on their way up from the nether reaches of the Scottish Professional Leagues. As far in his Barristers words King is broke and penniless he CANNOT BE ALLOWED ANYWHERE NEAR THAT CLUB again

  5. I concur with the two gentlemen above.I get so angry listening to some of our young fellas moaning about such trivial things.Let’s be careful we don’t scunner the best manager since Jock and enjoy the demise of that Scumbags. Believe me If they had their boots on our neck they would finish us off in a heartbeat.They have never given up that pursuit so I say those boots are now on our foot.Let’s do the right thing and finish them off

  6. As a 44 year old I remember well the dark days of the 90’s where it felt that we were never going to win again. It makes this era even more special. There’s an element there of laughing at *Rangers, and that is based on the behaviour of them and the media during the dark days, we didn’t hear calls for a strong Celtic, Rangers dominance was applauded at every corner of our countries establishment. We are on the verge of witnessing the breaking of a 100 year old record, that in itself is worthy of celebration. Having been through the 90’s theres always a wee bit of my brain that says “ah but we’ll feck it up”, well I hope not.
    I hope the fans that enjoy today and have never known us face defeat or not be fighting for trophies, stick with the club in the lean times (yes they will happen).

    As the song goes faithful through and through

  7. I’m 49 and grew up watching cracking teams battling it out with them, dons and utd but after watching want went on between 89 and 95 ( no trophies) I take in every win as if it might be the last and I go home with the feeling I had when I was a kid. Never become jaded, never become complacent, never take for granted wot we are doing, this is special and needs to be enjoyed with the feelings of a child waking up to Xmas day. Celtic always and forever HH.

    • Hi Stephen, well said. I am sixty and tell my grandson these are the good times, never take them for granted and always respect your opponent. I remember the faces of McStay, Grant and the late great Tommy Burns after 9 long years against Airdrie, the tears streaming down grown men all around me. Hail Hail my friend

  8. I am in my 50s and remember very good teams and times and also the dark days. I appreciate now what is happening. However, certain things are not the same. Celtic have not only became a football juggernaut but also a massive corporate entity and I can’t help but feel the club has lost a little of its soul. Much of this stems from the uber Capitalists that are in charge of the club, who care far more about profits than they do about the club. They may have been successful in making money but they have not represented the Celtic supporters as well as they should have , particularly in the Rangers cheating scandals. Their silence has been a betrayal. I firmly believe that Peter Lawwell and certain other have done more to protect the same club myth than almost anyone else. They publicly lamented the loss of income due to them dying and being reinvented in the lower divisions and Desmond referred to them as a ‘fantastic club with a fantastic history when the new club was promoted to the top division. Personally I would like to have seen him removed from his position and forced to sell his shares for that comment. As Yogi says they would have stood on our throats if the shoe was on the other foot and we should have done the same to them. Celtic could have and should have insisted on a declaration that they were a new club and should be trying to make them hand back the titles as a condition of still being allowed to play football. But the board like the idea of having them as a fall back position because another disappointment is that despite the money our status is much reduced in Europe. We are now a nothing club in Europe, not even 2nd tier and many supporters accept this. We should be happy to participate. Having any club playing at Ibrox acts as a distraction from this for many supporters. They still enjoy beating a rangers regardless of what kind of rangers it is. Ultimately this is bad for the club as the only focus should be on Europe. They should be a complete irrelevance but are actually a comfort blanket for our European humiliations.

  9. I thoroughly enjoyed this piece. Every Celtic supporter should never become complacent or indeed numb to success. You have to fight and win to be successful , you must respect your opponent for if you don’t there will be a wake up call. Brendan has come in and as other people have said , we have become a domestic monster. When it will end who knows? . But be careful of the others looking to bring us down . I remember when we were going out of business , no one gave a jot. It was our own supporters for change and of course the wee bonnet who turned things around . We are winning through sporting prowess, not side letters and Hercules evasion. Savour everybwin like it was a cup final. Brendan can be our Jock Stein , he doesn’t need to go anywhere else. ??????

  10. Im 35 and i went thru the pain of the 90s when they cheated there way to 9 in a row n all i could think is we will never win anything again. My dad says it swings in roundabouts, i just couldnt see it. Now we’re on top n i think the roundabout is finished swinging n all i can say is haha if they never challenge again il be overjoyed. We’re sweeping all before us domestically and if we could go on a wee europa run thatd b a nice bonus. Hail hail.

  11. Attended my first game accompanied by my father in 1952, and have been hooked on Celtic ever since.
    The above article describes almost perfectly the ups and downs of following the club over the last sixty odd years.
    It’s been a blast!…

  12. Saw my 1st game (I think it was Queens Park) 81 years ago. I remember well the great teams like Kennaway Hogg and Morrison. I would never admit to having watched a bad team.. maybe the odd bad game. I had the honour and privilege of bringing the team to Hamilton, ont. in 1.966. They hammered my team 11-0. They were winning 6-0 at half-time. I went into their dressing room and told Big Jock we were trying to promote the game in Canada. He said the best advice I can give you is get a ####### goalkeeper. Bobby Lennox had scored 4 goals by then. Stein subbed him. I have met him 4 or 5 times since then. He says he will never forgive me for getting him subbed (he was after a record). Great team and all perfect gentlemen. GBTGC


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