When the GB put the #MatchfineforPalestine fund up yesterday they couldn’t have envisaged the response it has got.

The fund is now sitting at over 37k after the GB raised the initial target of 15k which was quickly blasted passed by generous Celtic and football fans. This will go to Charities in Palestine who are in desperate need of funds and resources.

Thursday Flagship Podcast w/ Gianni Capaldi

Celtic fans peaceful protest before last week’s game has gained worldwide recognition and drawn praise from all quarters, bringing attention to a plight that often gets ignored and misrepresented in the media.

The Green Brigade have clearly struck a chord with so many donating. UEFA fine for the club is ridiculously inevitable and while not everyone agrees with the Palestine flag being waved at Celtic Park, our site are proud of all Celtic fans who participated in it.

We have taken our cue from the Green brigade and their fund and have launched our own ‘Respect Palestine’ Charity shirt which is available in our online store now – Palestine Charity Shirt.


A small gesture in comparison to the GB’s fund and the generous people who have donated but every little helps!

You can still donate directly to the fund at https://www.gofundme.com/matchfinepalestine

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  1. Have you noticed how much publicity this is getting from the normally reticent Scottish media. Call me a cynic but could they be trying to “alert” uefa that fining Celtic as a punishment is likely to backfire on them and perhaps attempting to thus push them(uefa) towards an alternative such as closure of a section of the ground.

  2. That Daniel odoniel or whatever his name is must have blocked me from his site, the one who did you’ve done the crime now do the time blog, he didn’t have write some shit about last Wednesday, so did some of the people posting on it, I and my brother ( who works with refugees in Jordan, and whose wife has worked in gaza) had the cheek to point out some quite serious lies that he and others have printed, these zionists don’t like it when you show them up for what they are, everyone else should go on his site and point out the truth to him.

  3. Absolutely brilliant to see football fans engaged in progressive politics…….defending the oppressed 🙂
    I chipped in as soon as I read about it and saw the wonderful photos taken at Parkhead!
    Fantastic supporters


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