BRENDAN RODGERS has mounted a quite incredible defence of Lee Congerton after being asked about the club’s recruitment process in his pre-match press conference before the Hamilton game.

Lee was brought into the club by Brendan Rodgers not too long after the Irishman took the reigns at Celtic Park. However, Rodgers has had amazing success coaching the players who were already on the books at the club and bringing youngsters through. IF he was relying on Lee to bring him in ready made first team star’s then they have been few and far between.

Marvin Compper, Yousouff Mulumnu, Kundai Benyu, Jack Hendry, Gamboa have all come in under Lee’s watch. It’s important also to know he was not responsible for Dembele or Sinclair coming in as they deals were concluded before Lee came to the club. Then there’s Celtic’s new signing Bayo who has admitted it was Kolo Toure who scouted him and then made initial contact for the club.

Celtic fans have grown weary of transfer windows where Celtic just don’t seem to be able to get their act together. However, Rodgers believes Lee is getting a rough deal with the criticism he receives.

“I’ve never known a head of recruitment get criticised the way he does,” Rodgers told HeraldScotland.

“So I’m not sure where the stories come from. And it’s unfair. Whether it was John Park or Lee or whoever, it’s not an easy job being head of recruitment at a club like Celtic. Because the expectancy here is to do well not just domestically but in Europe – but you don’t have those resources.”

“Part of Lee’s job is to find not just players for now, but to find players who are strategic for the club, who can help the club later on,”

“He does a great job with the resources that he works with. He obviously has to scour the market and, at this moment in time, in terms of recruitment, it’s probably never been more difficult. “A lot of the time, he’ll find players we just can’t bring in,”

“His job is to find the players and, in his time here, he’s done that. Now whether we get them here or not is a different story. But, listen, the regular supporter wouldn’t know the operation. “And when one or two get emotional in the media and start to point fingers, that can snowball. But he’s very talented. He hasn’t worked in the game for this period of time without having that talent. And he loves it.”

Some Sunderland fans outright blamed Lee for a lot of their recent woes with recruiting at the Stadium of Light with one Sunderland fan telling us directly he was amazed Celtic gave Lee a job.

Brendan has brought him in and will be protective of Lee but the defence is flimsy, and the evidence is clear. Celtic’s head of recruitment is failing at his job and if you don’t think so, ‘where’s ma right back?!’

Of course, when this article goes live we will have the usual bunch who don’t read this and comment on the headline telling us ‘who are we to question Brendan Rodgers?’ ‘Seven trophies in a row’. It’s actually a testament to how good a manager Brendan is because he can still dominate as he has with one hand tied behind his back at times.


  1. If Lee congerton was such a great scout we would have had a right by noo and a good centre half so I think Rodgers is wrong and if they can’t afford a guy they should tell truth to fans instead of pussy footing aboot every bloody transfer window.

  2. So i take it you have played the game and are/were a top scout yourself.
    It never fails to amaze me some of these click bait threads.


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