CELTIC fans have been patient all summer waiting for something, anything to happen in the way of a replacement for Stuart Armstrong and some defensive reinforcements.

Celtic have been linked with a ridiculous amount of talent over the past two months with very little happening.

When the club have looked like they genuinely wanted a player it has fallen through and the fans have to endure more speculation with no end result.

The fans are most frustrated with the club for looking more than reluctant to build from a position of strength – to not only secure ten in a row but many more victories after that.

Brendan Rodgers wants quality in – that is the challenge of this board.

We’re not talking about let’s bring Carlton Cole and Colin Kazim-Richards in for the banter. The manager wants proper players who can push the bhoys he already has and to compliment them.

The Irishman demands competition amongst his team and even cited the upturn in James Forrest form down to Patrick Roberts breathing down his neck.

With the window closing this Friday and all quiet on the transfer front – some fans are getting a little impatient and well, who can blame them?


  1. Rodgers and his buddy Congerton are to blame here, not the board. Every other club got things done in plenty of time – all this BS about wanting class or quality and then they decide to go for an injured guy from Aberdeen. Useless springs to mind.

  2. The board are in control,you can’t blame the manager for this,which begs the question, are they only interested in their shares payout?????,hard to believe what has happened,if it goes pear shaped, we know who to blame.,

  3. Stevie – the guys that you have listed would not have solved the defensive issues. Reason I am blaming Rodgers and especially Congerton is they were quick enough to get Edourd signed up, so no reason why they could not have got a centre half – and they should also be advising strongly that Comper is paid off along with Simunovic. None of that can be blamed on the board. HH

  4. DID BR NOT SAY DEMBELE WAS NOT FOR SALE AND WOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO LEAVE? What is going on a skint sevco gets 13 new players in. We can hardly get one without getting rid of three. Fooled again.

  5. Let’s b honest here,our defense has needed looking at since last year,my opinion is it’s a blessing that we didn’t make the “Champions League”as it would have been embarrassing…the club tried to get to the group stage on the cheap and the same has to b said in the chase for McGinn, who’s settled very well for Villa….. with 3 days left to sign players(at least 2/3 needed)…. would any of us b surprised if nobody signs…..😒

    • So long as we don’t loose anybody before Friday,!!!!!!this defence will settle down,just a bad spell lately,Thursday is important,get our forward play ,creating and taking chances we create will go a long way to getting the results we expect,Sunday will take care of itself,the bhoys will be up for it make no mistake, time for supporters to show some faith ,!!!!

    • What makes u think we gonna be ok David when window closes it’s not acceptable defence is shite compper oot door simuvic tae and boyata if I had my way Hendry would be gone we need a decent defence.

      • Totally agree mate but they know we know how bad it is so surely they will pull out all the stops this time to get decent players in, anything less than 3 decent players in will show beyond a doubt to the fans that they have no interest in progression for our team which will have negative affects in finances coming in as the fans aint gonna pay good money for nothing.

        • See if we go oot of Europe Thursday nite if I was in Glasgow I would lynch that board hope we don’t if I was Celtic go for Nick Powell Wigan or will grigg good strikers tbh I don’t think dembele that great I would sell him also get makoudi memevic and julien in good defenders

          • Cant believe they took a chance with £40 million at stake, but then we wouldn’t see much of it anyway and now ive calmed down 5%, i think we would be whipped in the champions league and dont want that embarassment so it looks like the crappy europa league oh well.

  6. Spot on comment to Michael traynor aboot sevco getting 13 players in and wee cannae even get 1 in an absolute joke if we go oot of Europe and get beat by those twats there is gonna be trouble in paradise and murder


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