Light has been shed on the troublesome images in Dubai which aggravated so many Celtic supporters when the club took the ill-advised trip.

According to The Celtic Star, the images were allegedly taken by a group of Rangers fans who took the trip over just to discover any dirt they could on Celtic.

The website writes: The photographs and videos that have been splashed all over social media, the MSM and even reached First Minister Nicola Sturgeon were allegedly the work of a small group of obsessed Rangers fans, including Investor Alan McLeish (who used to own QTS) and his son Barry.

It’s clear Celtic shouldn’t have been there and they gave this lot an open goal. However, the lengths of the Celtic obsession being exhibited by the bitter core of their support is off the scale.

Celtic Star also writes the guys who went over there to get snaps of the players have allegedly contracted covid.

‘As Celtic dropped two points against Hibs the McLeish chaps and their blue-nose buddies on the alleged Operation Stop the Ten might be forgiven for being rather pleased with their alleged efforts but and there’s always a BUT….allegedly.

This time the alleged BUT is Karma. Allegedly a nasty Covid-19 Karma. It seems that having got back from Dubai themselves the alleged candid camera blue-nosed Bears have apparently and allegedly started testing positive themselves. Get well soon. Allegedly’

It’s all very strange.


  1. They’ll all catch the covid, coz they were sniffing Celtics dirty laundry basket. They can’t see green cheese and they want a bit.

    Sad Christians, et al.


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