Ange Postecoglou’s boyhood club South Melbourne have extended an excellent offer for their next game on Friday declaring ANYONE wearing Celtic apparel will be admitted for FREE.

The Australian club have a big game on Friday night and is hoping the promotion will bring more people to the stadium to cheer on the sider to victory.

For those who have delved into Ange’s history, they will know South Melbourne holds a special place in Ange’s heart, playing for the side back in the 90s.

The link between Australia and Celtic has become very strong over the past 12 months. We have plenty of Aussie journalists over in Scotland for Ange’s inevitable title win.

The Celtic manager has completely turned around the fortunes of the club this season. The Bhoys weren’t expected to win the league and it was widely accepted this rebuild would mean a cup win would be more realistic. As we stand, the League Cup is already in the bag and the League title is about to come home.

It’s been a fantastic season for the manager and has upped his profile even further back in his home country.



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