A Spanish journalist has taken a massive dig at Celtic by suggesting they are no better than bottom La Liga side Huesca and declared Valencia to have cooled the scoring at 2-0 by themselves.

Celtic looked scared and didn’t play nearly as well as they could’ve. They also lacked key personnel on the night who could have made some difference to the outcome of the game. Benkovic, Tierney and Rogic are three MASSIVE players for the club and their absence can’t be under estimated.

However, this ill-informed Spanish journalist is comfortable making sweeping generalisations about our team and club, oh and the fans.

Classy stuff here, I wonder who hurt him.

Celtic fans have been praised by some of the biggest names to play the game including Lionel Messi, Paolo Maldini, Iniesta, Xavi etc.

This guy clearly trying to make a name for himself and obviously has a problem with Celtic to make such poor comparisons.



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