Scottish football has been called many things, but if anyone calls it boring they really don’t watch it on a weekly basis.

Kris Boyd, one of Sky Sports resident big mouths who has tried his best this season to create imaginary cracks in the Celtic dressing room has obviously been waiting a long time to score this term.

After dispatching a penalty against Aberdeen the rotund striker who seems to have let jibes about his weight get to him went absolutely mental and started making a fat belly gesture and dancing in front of the Aberdeen fans.

It was pretty amusing and in the wake of Neil Lennon being attacked for doing something as jovial – it’s great to see nobody felt the need to throw anything at Boyd for bringing it on himself.

However, this celebration would spectacularly backfire when Kris had to be subbed because he was knackered and Aberdeen went on to win the game 2-1. Oh dear.



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