Dundee United boss Tam Courts has called for the Tannadice side to challenge Holyrood over a timeline for the return of fans to football grounds.

With new restrictions brought in at the end of the year, it limited crowds within football stadiums to just 500 spectators, which also led to Premiership clubs agreeing to bring the January winter break forward.

All top-flight clubs return to action, the week beginning the 17th of January. But as of yet, there has been no update or assurances over whether fans will be allowed back to watch their team.

As quoted by Sun Sport, Courts has called for his club to use their voice and challenge the Scottish Government over a potential timeline on fans getting back into stadiums.

He said: “I think we do need to use our voice as a club to really push the powers-that-be to get fans back into outdoor stadiums as quickly and safely as possible.

“Football is so important to the community in Dundee and our fans.

“They have been a huge part of our success, and for the rest of the season, we really need them standing shoulder to shoulder with us.

“The voice we do have, as a big club, we need to use it at the earliest point in time to make sure we get a commitment that fans will be back as quickly as possible.

“Football is a tribal sport, and I know a lot of fans and families come to the games.

“We are a big club in the Premiership, and we have an expectation here — and rightly so.

“But we need to canvas, and I’m sure we are, to make sure we get our fans back in to contribute alongside us for the rest of the season.”

In my opinion, Courts is completely right, and other clubs should be looking to follow this stance along with Dundee United, including Celtic.

Although we can accept we might not get full numbers in Celtic Park right away on the 17th of January, surely we can at least get some sort of update or timeline as to when we could possibly see more fans in stadiums?

The focus being on the rise in cases is entirely understandable; public health takes massive priority. However, being able to go to the football is also a huge deal for a lot of families, and at this moment in time, we are completely in the dark over when we might get to see our teams in action again.

Hopefully, in the coming weeks, we can receive some updates on the progress of supporters returning to the grounds. Even if it is an increase on the 500 people at outdoor venues.


  1. I agree with Courts to a certain extent, but why has refused to mention that the Flu has been cured.

    Anyone with a modicum of intellect should understand that there has to be a bit of ‘give and take’ in these circumstances.

    With the eradication of the seasonal cold and flu surely people will not aver from a little social distancing / Hand Wringing / Vaccine passports / mask wearing / and the allowance of 500 people in a 60,000 seater stadium is but a minor inconvenience in the greater scheme of things.

    People are also quick to forget that the recovery rate for this epidemic is only 98.7%

    Only a fool would rush in now when cases are at such huge numbers and deaths are non existent.


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