SPFL chief executive, Neil Doncaster has stated that both Celtic and their city rivals could face a ‘big disadvantage’ if the no spectator rule is kept in place by the Scottish Government when it comes to the club’s participation in the Europa League.

Just yesterday, UEFA announced that supporters would be allowed back in grounds for European ties, with a maximum capacity of 30%. However, the final decision would come down to the Scottish Government, who do not appear to be budging on their stance with football supporters.

Speaking on BBC Radio Scotland Sportsound programme, Doncaster insisted that it was a ‘big concern’ and could affect all clubs in Scotland, in different ways.

“That is one of the concerns we have.

“With Rangers and Celtic back in the Europa League group playing against teams in Portugal, France, Poland and Belgium. There will be fans in those stadiums, fans cheering on their crowds

“So our clubs, Celtic and Rangers, will clearly be at a big disadvantage not having fans in our stadiums and that can’t be right.

“We have got to be doing whatever we can to support our teams in Europe and support the Scotland team in what could be a historic few weeks.”

As we all know, with the current global pandemic it has been difficult to get fans back into stadiums. But at this stage, it feels as though football is just being left behind.

Whilst more sectors continue to open up and extend the restrictions that they currently have, football fans are still being left in the lurch.

For me, it just doesn’t make sense that people can meet up in the pub or fly on a plane, with minimal social distancing but you cannot get a restricted number of football fans in an open, outdoor area?

Nevermind, just Celtic and Rangers facing a disadvantage, this decision will kill off clubs across Scottish Football. Something really does need to change and fast or we could face massive consequences.


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