THE SPFL are today taking a vote on the scenario which would end the current Season for all lower leagues in Scotland and put the measures in place for the SPFL should the season not resume down the line.

It’s a tough scenario but this one has clear winners and losers. For Celtic and Dundee Utd, they’re runaway leaders and anyone who doesn’t have an agenda knows they will be champions.

However, the Ibrox club have been kicking and screaming at Celtic potentially being crowned champions and tried to whip up their own resolution which would see prize money given out but no winners and losers declared. They also want soft loans from the SPFL to save struggling clubs. Admirable, but if you have seen the Ibrox bank balance you’ll know the one club they’re only interest in.

The SPFL have released a statement revealing the resolution put forward by Rangers was not a legitimate proposal in company law and therefore had no basis to go to a vote. The SPFL also wrote that The Rangers were told they could have assistants on any resolution they had in mind to stop a scenario where there’s fell flat – they refused the help.

Absolute basket case of a club.


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