The introduction of VAR into Scottish Football is a very decisive topic, with some sections of the game agreeing and disagreeing on whether we should see it within the SPFL.

It appears to have been edging closer to becoming a possibility in the last few months, and top-flight clubs now have a date that will see them vote for or against its introduction.

According to Stephen McGowan of the Scottish Daily Mail, a vote will take place before the end of February as to whether VAR will be in the Scottish Premiership, with the video technology on course to be installed after next years winter World Cup in Qatar.

After another action-filled night of Premiership football on Wednesday evening, with refereeing decisions once again becoming the focus in several games, you can see a case where most clubs are edging towards being for the introduction of VAR.

It will undoubtedly be interesting to see the results of this vote and if video technology is in place by the midway point of next campaign.


  1. There are 3 factions that don’t want VAR ,The SFA The north Lanarkshire ref associated,and of course The Rangers (sevco) I wonder why ?

    • Totally agree,in theory anyway John,but who are the ones sitting making VAR check decisions? Answer: non other than officials from the very same Lanarkshire Referee Association that currently supplies the clowns officiating our corrupt game to the core.Just as their current officiating is directly impacting the Spfl title race,messers Madden,Beaton,Robertson and the rest of the Lanarkshire Loons will be without any shadow of a doubt be the VAR official calling which incidents are reviewed by VAR.There should be no restrictions put on what can be reviewed,common sense should always prevail tbh but as the Godfather of honest mistakes,Hugh(anybody but Celtic)Dallas alluded to on the PLZ soccer show yesterday some decisions called by referees will not always be reviewed by VAR,surprise surprise the decision in question the penalty awarded at Ibrox,his reasoning there may or may not have been a tug on therangers strikers shirt pictures are inconclusive yet the bold Shuggie Dallas who obviously still suffers from some sort of trauma caused by my £1 coin,i was trying to return to the macaroon bar seller who had short changed himself and actually ended up striking the former referees chief on the forehead and drawing blood much to the delight of therangers support whose team had been on the end of some horrendous pro Celtic decisions all afternoon


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