The SPFL has today announced when next season will begin and at the same time confirmed the winter break is back for anyone. who would like to fly to Dublin for a week or two.

Celtic will look to wrestle their title back next term and we now know the club will begin that attempt on Saturday, July 31/Sunday, August 1.

Considering Celtic will be playing a Champions League qualifier just days before, the hoops are likely to play on the Sunday.

We’re about to hit April so we’ve got just under four months to get our act together and get back to winning ways.

In that time, we need to appoint a new manager and coaching staff, along with a director of football. They have to oversee a massive turnover in players with so many spoiling for a move and loan deals expiring, there’s likely going to be ten plus players coming and the same going out.

The Scottish Cup is still there to be won before this season is put into the history books but all efforts must be geared towards next season.



  1. Cant wait for title to be back sevco will never have refs so blatant mistakes with sift penalties no penalties against players not red carded on park but shown gross biased by three refs that should be looked at instead of laughed at sfa and gov hampering celtics progress and allowing sevco players leeway while others are suspended now you will need to suffer our country been embarrassed by bile violence by sevco supporters with previous but still only punished by fifia no sfa enquiries


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