Celtic and Aberdeen are both out of the League Cup this season and therefore do not have a  midweek fixture this week.

It just so happens the two clubs have a postponed game against each other which doesn’t have a rescheduled date at present.

We were positive the game would be re-arranged for this week after the two clubs were dumped out of the League Cup but it hasn’t happened.

We contacted the SPFL last week about the potential for the fixture to be played but they wouldn’t give us any information as to why this week wasn’t chosen saying ‘The new date would be announced in due course’.

Celtic have a final on Sunday and it could have been the club’s call not to ask for the fixture so they can prepare but Celtic haven’t mentioned it at all to this point.

Whether a full week of preparation for a final is great, Celtic will go THREE games behind their rivals and potentially 16 points by participating in the final. The chance to get another game played surely should have been considered by the club. As it stands now, it won’t be played until next year.


  1. are you f*cking stupid? we have a CUP FINAL at the weekend, or had that one slipped past you? Why the hell would you want an extra game shoehorned in days before a CUP FINAL?


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