CELTIC will take on Hearts at Murrayfield the SPFL has confirmed after ignoring Celtic’s call for a ballot draw to be held.

Up until yesterday afternoon the SPFL were still going along with the farcical decision that both games would be layer at Hampden on the same day.

However, after an astonishing u-turn they released a statement yesterday saying they were seeking to move one of the games to Murrayfield.

The Celtic vs Hearts game was pre-picked by the SPFL as the one to move to Edinburgh which irked the Celtic chief Peter Lawwell.

Celtic wrote to the SPFL about holding a fair draw to see who would be playing where. Instead, it looks like the SPFL have decided to pencil the game in without any ceremony.

here are the new fixture times and venues.

Hearts v Celtic – 1:30pm – Murrayfield

Aberdeen v Rangers – 4:30pm – Hampden

This is great news for Aberdeen fans who can now get early trains into a Glasgow to see their club in action.

The Rangers fans won’t be complaining and the Hearts fans have a short trip to make – the only fans out out by this are Celtic fans.


  1. Absolute disgrace are the spfl going to reimburse people who have already arranged travel and accommodation there is absolutely no reason why this wasn’t a televised draw to decide the venues for each match only celtic fans lose out in this the board must refuse to play until a fair sporting draw is made

  2. A complete bhoycott. Celtic should stand down and give hearts a by into the final and pull out of the Scottish cup. If not the fans should boycott and stop going to hampden.

  3. Your correct Ray ! Let’s go out and win
    In style and stuck it up the fools that are the powers that be ! Why would we expect any favours from these half wits, hail hail

  4. Virtually a home tie for hearts. SPFL can’t keep everyone happy , I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that Celtic are the ones to be shat on.

  5. Very simplistic to say let’s go out and win to stick it up them, we have to make some sort of stand on this one. We were first out the hat so if any game should be moved it should be the other game full stop.

  6. Boycott the fucking game and hurt the SFA in the pocket. Celtic could show it on the screen at Parkhead and charge the fans a nominal sum to cover costs. COYBIG HH

  7. COME ON THE HOOPS. This turn around will make the Celtic team hammer the jam tarts. HAIL HAIL THE CELTIC and Brendan Rodgers.

  8. Between the refs decisions on the park and the sfa’s decisions off it operation stop 10 in a row is now in full swing, what’s gonna happen next, are they going to force Force Celtic to take a points deduction in the league. Feck them all, they should just change there name to anti Celtic.

  9. Withdraw Celtic players from the international games coming up
    The SFA can’t SH1TE on our club and its fans and expert our players to forget the they are doing their best to stop them winning medals
    The SFA are a feckin disgrace
    Disband these feckin muppets now
    Hail Hail

  10. They said Celtic v hertz was 7:45 because Celtic were away in Europe a few days before.
    Suddenly Celtic are 1pm because it’s move to murrayfield. How do they justify this?
    This whole thing makes no sense, unless you believe the authorities in Scotland are trying to hinder Celtic.

  11. No surprise that the clowns ruining our game have sent Celtic to Murrayfield and even less a surprise that they were unable to provide Celtic with an explanation for the decision.
    Over the last week we have been lied to by Doncaster as he tried, without success, to justify the original timings, then collapsed as the criticism rained down on him from every angle.
    Now we have McKenna cited, offered a 2 match ban, and Aberdeen are shocked, really?
    He should have been charged with assault for his two footed off the ground challenge on Edouard.
    Will Madden be called to explain what he saw, which no one else in the stadium did?
    The refs are all products of the Fleming school of referees which over many years has failed to produce one, just one, outstanding whistler.
    How can that be? Look at the number of decisions that are reversed on appeal. Look at the number of incidents that are missed completely by the officials.
    Look at the tackle by McKenna at the weekend. What did Madden see?
    Why is there no weekly review by Fleming and his officials of weekend incidents that can then be made public to tell the refs version of events?
    Of course despite the claims of openness claimed by the SFA there is none at all.
    One would think that they have something to hide……7.45pm kick off on a Sunday evening anyone?

  12. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again with an additional problem. I believe Celtic will not win a trophy this season let alone another treble. The SFA and the SPFL will do all in their power to block Scotland’s best ever team from winning anything. With “bent” match officials and moving games to help Sevco we have a serious mountain to climb. This along with the “Money Grabbing” board refusing to back B R’ s strengthening plans and what hope have we got? Brendan Rogers has more chance of plaiting fog or juggling soot thanks to the Judas’s within the Celtic camp. RANT OVER.

  13. We now have English and Spiers sitting with there pointy White hoods on saying just get on with it Remember the last time a Board ignored our fans we dumped them, so if we don’t boycott or withdraw from the tie, it’s no interviews pre or post match with the Broadcaster, then after the game withdraw every player from every international Squad as were at war on 2 sides and also no Interviews when we win and get to the final and that includes ever Spfl game till next season


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