We have never seen such a fevered debate surrounding goals that may or may not have been scored by a striker.

On Sunday, Vakoun Bayo believed he’d scored a brace against Hearts. Bizarrely, after the match Craig Levein claimed the goals for his defenders and discredited the striker’s contributions.

There has been much debate since and it appears that the SPFL have now claimed both goals as own goals leaving Bayo still looking for his official first goal for the club.

The first one did look like an own goal but the second one was tougher and you’d have to be some sort of bitter moron to begrudge the player his first official Celtic goal. According to SunSport, someone at the SPFL has felt the need to take them away from the Parkhead striker.

Bayo worked his socks off and got into the positions where the Hearts players just couldn’t handle him. Scrambling for the ball and making a hash of things.

Craig Levein will be delighted his Hearts stars have officially scored three goals at Celtic Park on Sunday.


  1. Horrible horrible bastards to take away the young strikers goals. How low can this lot along with Levien sink. Pretty sure we will see a lot more skulduggery and cheating before the season is over. Hail Hail.

  2. Seriously both did look as if they were own goals and who cares you are all just as bad greeting over who gets the goal.

  3. Craig Levein,knows the writing is now on all the walls he looks at two draws or defeats or both and he is gone so he is trying his best to come up with hearts should have had a point if it was not for two own goals then it would have been a draw he is always full of ifs and buts the grass can be as long as you like this season Mr Levein as like us your own fans are not LOL with you they are LOL at you….

  4. Karma am now sure Bayo will score a hat trick when we go to tynecastle , once again there all jealous of celtic no surprises what come from the lodge holders in the sfa

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