The BBC has reported what the SPFL spoke about during Friday’s meeting where the immediate financial future of many of the clubs was up for debate.

The biggest thing that came out of the meeting is the authorities don’t believe there’ll be any football until at least August the way things are at the moment.

Here are the talking points:

  • No decision over finalising leagues has been made, with football not expected to resume until at least August
  • The SPFL is attempting to ensure commercial contracts for next season are secure
  • Championship clubs discussed issues such as a job retention scheme, advancing league fees, player registrations and transfer windows

It’s all about the money at the moment. How are clubs going to survive so much time without football being played?

There’s also the small matter of this season, and how best to bring it to its conclusion. It’s likely that can will be kicked down the road as much as possible.

It’s a waiting game for Celtic more than anything. However, the club will want to know where they stand with loan players etc if we go past May without finishing the season. It will be interesting to see how authorities deal with that major issue.


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