Scottish Premiership teams are set to hold an emergency discussion about the handball rule after a storm of controversy surrounding VAR [Scottish Sun].

Since VAR’s introduction in Scottish football, there has been a number of key incidents which have left fans bemused by the referee’s decision making. 

Many had warned that leading up to the derby game at Ibrox in the New Year that there would be a decision which would cause an issue which has appeared to have sparked this summit. 

Connor Goldson’s handball in the box was left unpunished and rightfully Celtic boss Ange Postecoglou called this out alongside the club who felt aggrieved as in weeks gone by a spot kick would have been awarded. 

There has been no consistency around VAR which is the biggest frustration from clubs and they want that to change. 


It is being reported that clubs have been consulted about the handball rule and how decisions and interpretations can be made clearer as it cannot be subjective to each individual referee. This information will latterly be taken to FIFA to overview the suggestions.

As well as this, SFA supremo Ian Maxwell has also been liaising with clubs about the technology and will continue to have constant dialogue ahead of a review next during the summer. 

The summit around VAR will take place next week but for some clubs that could once again cost them and the extent of that will only really be known at the end of the season.


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