The SPFL have sent out a message to Celtic and the rest of the clubs under its banner to vote for a PERMANENT switch to a 14 team Premiership with 10 clubs in the Championship, League One and League Two.

The proposal is on the table and would be effective immediately according to MailSport if the clubs vote it through.

The reconstruction would save Hearts from relegation.

The board meeting the same day the SPFL got a £3m donation from a Hearts backer business man. It all appears a little shady.

If the proposal goes through in the next seven days at an EGM, clubs have been told the fixture list will be swiftly announced and the real planning for the next league season can get underway.

If it doesn’t fit through, Hearts will likely head down the litigation route to save themselves that way. In France, Amiens and Toulouse being relegated was suspended by the court system.


  1. All this reconstruction nonsense because Ann(gry) Ludge is in charge of that committee? It’s a bit like putting Robert Maxwell in charge of the investigation of where all the pension money disappeared to! HAIL HAIL.


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