The SPFL have ripped up their ten-year deal with MP & Silva after six years with the international rights company and have announced they will now pursue new avenues to get a better deal for Scottish football.

The deal which has been described as very poor by many on-lookers seen the league get just £2million per season for the broadcasting rights in 167 countries.

MP & Silva have not done much to promote the Scottish game since landing the rights – as pointed out in this excellent article by (@timomouse) on Football life.

The people tasked with promoting our game have been asleep at the wheel just as much as the people governing our game have.

It’s heartening to see something being done about it, but the SPFL must now act to secure a much more favourable deal for their member clubs.

Scottish Football may not hit the dizzy heights of the English Premier League but it has it’s own selling points and we must demand better.

Here is the statement from the SPFL.

“The SPFL will be taking steps to sell its overseas broadcast rights from this season onwards.

“This comes as a 10-season deal with MP & Silva is being terminated after the rights holder defaulted on a number of payments due to the SPFL, and to other leagues around the world.

“Plans are being put in place for international broadcasters who have agreed to show live fixtures over the coming weeks to receive signal as usual.

“The termination of the present agency contact, which was signed in 2013, will have no material impact on the record-breaking club fees paid and expected to be paid for season 2017-18.”


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