The yo-yo predictions continue to be played out as a lot of bored people come up with new theories and ideas with each passing day to solve the football crises. Interestingly, none of them seems to be using the Coronavirus statistics in their equations.

Until the daily cases of deaths and confirmed cases start tumbling down everything else is just wishful thinking. Nevertheless, sports analysts from MyBettingSites have burnt out a few calculators to come up with a fairly overused number already in Scottish Football, the infamous 55.

The mathematical geniuses have said that there is a 55% chance of the SPFL season being completed. No doubt some folk will take that as a sign, good luck with that. The flip side of the coin is that gives a 45% chance of the season-ending prematurely. Interestingly, if that happens the betting experts say the Hoops have a 70% chance of getting another title according to The Sun.

If you look at the daily confirmed Coronavirus cases in the UK over the past two weeks there is probably around a 0% chance of any football getting played over the next few months unless a miracle happens.


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