So Pro Evolution finally brought Celtic Park, and Ibrox to life in their game and fans have been having their say on how realistic it is.

Fans have been clamouring for both stadiums to be a part of any football game franchise since I can remember, so PES has a lot to live up to when it comes to expectations.

The stadium interiors overall look tremendous and they manage to get little details down which add to the authenticity.

But one Celtic fan has noticed they’ve gone a bit too far out their way to get it as realistic as possible. If you play at either stadium the players will be greeted by a giant stadium TIFO – the Celtic Park effort akin to the 125th anniversary Green Brigade funded banner while Ibrox hordes have been treated to an onion bear effort financed by the loose change down the ack of their couch.

There is much hilarity on social media most times Gers fans attempt a TIFO or complicated banner because it’s pretty much illegible and fans have fun guessing what it’s supposed to show. PES have gone above and beyond to make their TIFO true to life. Bravo!



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